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Operating Philosophies
Focus on Execution

We have a bias for action, and will always choose a course of moving forward today, versus waiting for the perfect plan to emerge.

Focus on Execution

  • We do our fair share of strategy work including research, facilitated planning sessions, deal reviews and general advisory.  However, we prefer spending  the majority of our time working hands-on with our clients helping them execute.
  • While we like “big wins” during our engagements, we are also big believers in Kaizen (small changes) and that many small changes over time have the biggest impact on organizations. 
  • Along those lines, we often prioritize projects during the initial phases of our engagements focusing on improvements that have a relatively low cost, quick turn-around providing both a financial and moral boosting return.

The best execution comes from small, consistent effort over an extended period of time. -Larry Bossidy, retired CEO of Honeywell