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What would it be worth if your team could add 15% more profit margin with the same amount of revenue while lowering risk?


Aggressive Work Acquisition backed by conservative Operations creates a highly scalable and profitable contractor.  Great financial management is what keeps both on track. 

Contractors can significantly improve their profitability by using their finance departments to measure everything from business development to field productivity. 

As we help Contractors build their business, we focus on building a strong foundation of financial management heavily leveraging technology to streamline the process.  We work to raise the financial acumen of the entire management team enabling better decisions and risk management. 

Our approach begins with a detailed assessment of your financial processes addressing 70+ business processes that are tie into the financial management of the company.  That assessment provides a clear multi-stage roadmap for improvement. 

We have proven solutions for improving the financial acumen of construction Contractors driving better profitability with lower risk.  Our advisory services, tools, reports and training programs typically fall within the following broad categories: