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Cash Flow

How much would your business be impacted if you could improve your collections by 15 days?

Cash Flow

Construction is an extremely cash intense business.  We help Contractors learn best practices in cash flow management that allows them to better leverage their working capital significantly increasing return on equity.

We have extensive experience working with Contractors on improving and managing cash flow including:

  • Short-term cash forecasts (8-12 weeks)
  • Longer range cash forecasting (3-24 months)
  • Understanding the cash flow dynamics of various types of work
  • Negotiating contract payment terms
  • Building and negotiating a good schedule of values
  • Streamlining the billing cycle
  • Proactive 5/10/15 collection process
  • Negotiating vendor and subcontractor terms
  • Best practices for weekly vendor payment selection
  • Policies for effective use of credit line
  • Managing the banking relationship