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Do you know what your profitability looks like 3, 6 and 12 months down the road?


The discipline of forecasting improves management acumen across the company thereby enhancing profitability and resource utilization.  There are few things that will improve the financial acumen and communication within your team more than building an accurate and collaborative forecasting process. 

At the simplest level, you will be forecasting profitability based on your Work-In-Progress run-off and overhead budget.  

As you improve the accuracy of this basic model, you will continue adding information and using the feedback to drive decisions improving profitability including. 

  • Add in your business development pipeline with weighting based on win probability to extend your forecasting period
  • Model your service and special projects work
  • Develop specific forecasts by market segment
  • Adjust your bid markup strategies based on peaks and valleys in your forecast
  • Build upon the P&L forecasting to help forecast cash flow
  • Improved allocation of resources
  • Every step towards automating the forecasting process improves the integration between various systems and departments within the company

We have worked with many types of Contractors and systems to develop forecasting systems appropriate for their business.