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Job Costing

Do your job cost reporting take into account field productivity to help forecast costs at completion and identify problems early?

Job Costing

Nothing is more central to a contractor’s financial and project management than accurate job costing including budgets, change orders and projections.  We evaluate and work with Contractors to improve their job costing process including:  

  • Accurate and timely budget setup including labor hours and production quantities where applicable
  • Change order management including budget updates
  • Committed costs (purchase orders / subcontracts)
  • Tracking of costs for T&M billings
  • Quantity complete tracking for production
  • Indirect costs
  • Invoice coding and approval process
  • Timeliness of job costs including payroll, materials and subcontract billings
  • Cost at completion projections
  • Management reporting at all levels ensuring variances are identified quickly and clearly for action

We have proven experience, tools, training and reporting to help Contractors improve their job costing and management reporting.