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Do you have enough great people to take advantage of all the opportunities you are faced with?


 Guarantee profitable growth by turning your construction business into a talent magnet.  Contracting is a labor intensive business with most Contractors following similar strategies in the market.  The ability to execute is what really differentiates contracting businesses. 

Great execution is mostly about great people.  Focus your business on finding, building and retaining great people; great people will build great projects.  

There are several dynamics going in the market that makes talent within the construction industry especially challenging: 

  • Generational Shortage:  The Baby Boomer generation makes up most of the key management and ownership in today’s Contractors.  They are retiring at an average rate of 8,000 per day and being replaced by a much smaller Generation X. 
  • Education Focus:  Starting in the 1990’s high schools started pushing people away from vocational trades.  Construction is still considered one of the least desirable career options. 
  • Fragmentation:  With over 2 million Contractors in the United States it is difficult to truly know where the best talent is at. 

The ability to attract and retain great talent will determine the success of your business.  We work hands-on with Contractors helping them refine their talent management systems.