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Are you satisfied with the results of your current compensation programs?


Compensation is not a silver bullet and implemented incorrectly, can drive the wrong behaviors which ultimately impacts profitability.  The right compensation structure including base pay, total package, production incentives, bonus and deferred compensation will help attract and retain the right talent while aligning everyone around common goals.


Before implementing any changes to your compensation programs ensure that all other aspects of your talent management process are working effectively including:

  • Well aligned organizational structure
  • Clear job descriptions with measurements of success
  • Consistent and structured review process
  • Financial feedback systems where applicable

Building upon this foundation you should review the various types of compensation to see if they could improve performance.

  • Base compensation
  • Benefit package and perks
  • Project performance bonuses
  • Production incentives
  • Market area performance bonuses
  • Company level performance bonuses
  • Phantom stock based programs
  • Deferred compensation

Each of these has pros and cons and there is no “perfect” program.  Compensation programs need to change and evolve as the business grows. 

Leverage our experience and models to help design your compensation systems.