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Talent Acquisition

Do you have a list of at least 25 talented people in the industry that you would like to recruit for your team?

Talent Acquisition

Nothing will have a bigger impact on your long-term profitable growth than being able to identify, screen and attract great talent. 

FACT:  The majority of the most talented people in construction DO NOT work for your company. 

OPPORTUNITY:  You have a huge pool to go fishing in!

We approach the entire process of talent acquisition with the same rigor as the business development and project execution processes. 

  • Needs Identification:  Clear job description, measures of success and competencies required for the role. 
  • Networking:  Like great projects the majority of great hires come from within a company’s own network.  Identifying this network and getting it prepped for a talent search is the next most important step.  
  • Candidate Sourcing:  Identify alternate methods beyond networking to attract candidates including advertising and recruiters.   
  • Structured Interviews:  A series of interviews with structured discussion points is prepared based on the role description, competencies and expected outcomes. 
  • Assessments:  Depending on the role additional screening tools may be utilized including skills testing, personality surveys and learning assessments. 
  • Reference Checks:  Candidate arranges phone calls with key people identified during the interview process with a set of follow-up questions based on the interview process.
  • Job Offer:  Ensure that everything from the Needs Identification stage is clearly communicated along with compensation, benefits, etc. 
  • Onboarding Plan:  Developed earlier in the process this ensures that the new team member comes up to speed quickly and is satisfied with the process.

We have a strong body of knowledge built through experience helping Contractors improve their talent acquisition processes.