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Integrated Systems Roadmap

Integrated Systems Roadmap

Construction is a complex business requiring a wide range of talented people in different roles to take a project through design, bidding and construction.  Each of these different disciplines has their own set of technology and processes they use to do their jobs. 

As businesses grow the technology and processes often morph to make specific parts of the organization more efficient, but don’t necessarily make the overall business more efficient.  

Our Integrated Systems Assessment takes a holistic look at the entire business from an experienced third party perspective.  The goal is to identify the biggest opportunities to improve processes across the whole company and better integrate them with technology where applicable. 

  • Business Development >> Estimating
  • Estimating >> Project Management
  • Estimating >> Design
  • Design >> Prefab
  • Vendor Pricing >> Estimating, Purchasing & Service
  • Project Management >> Accounting
  • Accounting >> Management