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Technology Infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure

There is an amazing amount of technology available to help Contractors operate and grow their businesses.  When we analyze whether these systems are effectively supporting the Contractor’s operations we look at them in two categories.

  • Business Process and Technology Integration
  • Technology Infrastructure

Technology infrastructure includes all the underlying systems required to support the construction software used to run the business.  The end user may see the software and cite that as a problem, but often the issue is with the infrastructure that runs the software.

  • Hardware (servers, workstations, etc.)
  • Software
  • User perspective
  • Network
  • Bandwidth
  • Accessibility / remote access
  • Security
  • Contingency planning and backups

The key output of the technology assessment includes:

  • Industry benchmark scorecard
  • Recommended hardware upgrade path and budget
  • Internal security audit
  • 90 day action plan