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Executive Briefing: Four Major Market Trends Impacting All Contractors

<p>Sustainable Growth for Contractors in 2018 and Beyond</p> <p>The Shortage of Talent in the Construction Industry will be 3X Worse by 2020</p> <p>The Rate of Technology Innovation is Accelerating</p> <p>Rapidly Evolving Project Delivery Methods</p> <p>Geographic Expansion is Touching Everyone</p> <p>The Five Core Strategies for Leveraging these Trends</p> <p>Refining Your Roadmap for Sustainable Growth</p>

Sustainable Growth for Contractors in 2018 and Beyond

How well have you prepared for the increasing challenges affecting your company’s continued success? The talent shortage in the construction industry will be 3X worse by 2020. How technology has changed our industry in the last 10 years is mind boggling, and the rate of innovation within the industry is continuing to accelerate. Project delivery methods are rapidly changing and moving towards more integrated supply chains. Geographic expansion and consolidation are touching all contractors, their customers, and their suppliers.

These four major and interrelated market trends impact all contractors. Align your team around how these trends will impact your business, what others in the industry are doing, and the five core strategies to leverage. Wrap up by refining your roadmap for 2018 and beyond with a rigorously facilitated discussion.

We have designed this private, two-hour Executive Briefing for maximum impact, starting with an initial Discovery Call to tailor it around your needs. Our backgrounds as owners and executives in the industry allow our team to strike the right balance between the introduction of new concepts and the development of actionable tactics specifically for your team.


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  • Why the talent shortage for contractors will be 3X worse by 2020
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the current construction technology market and the changes on the horizon
  • Learn how to leverage the evolving project delivery methods for a competitive advantage
  • Why geographic expansion for contractors, project owners, and suppliers is essential
  • Discover the five core strategies helping contractors leverage talent, technology, project delivery, and geographic expansion
  • Engage in a rigorously facilitated private discussion with your team to help refine your roadmap

There are four major and interrelated market trends impacting all contractors. Leverage our experiences from across the industry to help align your management team around the trends and the five core strategies for turning them into opportunities. This two-hour Executive Briefing is a rigorously facilitated, private discussion with your core team that will help you refine your roadmap for 2018 and beyond.


This Executive Briefing is designed to be attended by the owner and 3-5 key executives. The team should attend together and be in the same room. The briefing and facilitated discussion are there to act as an idea generator. You should schedule at least an hour afterwards, along with several internal follow-up meetings to further develop your action plan.

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