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Improving Labor Productivity

For most contractors, labor is the biggest job cost variable - and the biggest risk to profitability.

In this 2.5 hour online workshop, which is designed for the entire project team, you will learn specific steps for immediately lowering your labor costs and increasing productivity.

To establish a common understanding of how labor productivity affects profit, both directly and indirectly, attendance by project managers, field superintendents, foreman, estimators, owners and accounting staff is recommended.


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In construction, numerous factors affect labor productivity. For this workshop, we have codified key points from our Profit Happens Here… series to create a 2.5 hour training session that will help your team generate ideas for improving your company’s production in the field.

Workshop Highlights

  • Talent Management and Productivity
  • Introduction to Lean Construction Principles
  • Project Pre-Planning
  • Impacted Productivity
  • Production Tracking
  • Effective Close-Out

Whether you know it or not, labor productivity represents the single biggest risk factor to your company’s project execution and profit.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, we’ll focus on key factors that affect labor productivity, including project pre-planning and production tracking, and help you identify several ways to immediately lower your company’s labor costs and improve productivity.

Who Should Attend?

Labor Productivity for Contractors is geared toward the entire project team, including project managers, field superintendents, foremen, estimators, accounting staff and owners. To establish a common understanding of how labor productivity affects profit, attendance by a cross-section of your company is recommended.

Workshop Elements

  • How Labor Productivity Relates to Competiveness and Profitability
  • Defining Pre-Planning at All Management Levels and Phases of the Project
  • Understanding and Shifting the Ratio of Installation vs. Non-Installation Field Time
  • Improving the Submittal Process to Improve Labor Productivity
  • Why Material Logistics Matter for Maximizing Productivity
  • Key Labor Productivity Impacts and How to Fight Back
  • 4 Profit Levers - Dissecting Job Cost Profitability Variables
  • How Tracking Production Actually Improves Productivity
  • Creating a Cultural Shift vs. System Implementation
  • Understanding a Measured Mile and How Productivity Claims are Evaluated
  • 5 Pillars of Productivity
  • Key Field Management Tools for Keeping a Job On-Track
  • Proactive Daily Planning – the ABC Approach
  • The Link Between Customer Satisfaction and Profitability
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We recommend that the group within your company be approximately 6-25 people total to facilitate the best discussion and interaction. Login limited to one per company. If you require additional logins to bring your team together from separate branch offices please add additional logins as necessary for your organization:

You can also set up a private workshop exclusively for your team. The private workshop contains all of the same content as the group workshop but has an additional hour for group exercises and discussion.

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