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Winning With Schedule Acceleration and Impacts

A good, well-executed schedule is like gold for a contractor.  Nothing impacts profitability for a contractor more than a poorly executed schedule.  Understand the underlying reasons for schedule impacts and what you can do to improve the process.  This is not a “How to Schedule” or “How to Win a Delay Claim” class. Rather, this workshop is heavily focused on proactive prevention of problems. 

This 90-minute class is designed for Executives, Project Managers, Field Managers, Estimators, Preconstruction Personnel and any other team member involved in the selling or executing of work.

The format for this class is delivering rapid-fire ideas that will be applicable to all labor-intensive contractors and general contractors who want to help ensure productivity of their subcontractors.  The best way to leverage this class is to schedule time afterwards with your team in order to identify key takeaways that are relevant to your current situation and can quickly be put into practice.  There will be some Q&A time at the end of the class.  

Workshop Highlights

  • Schedule drivers and reasons behind acceleration
  • Schedule impacts – underlying causes and effect on profitability
  • Planning for success – beyond basic CPM scheduling
  • Developing “Schedule Agility” so you can react to project needs while minimizing profitability impacts
  • Leading indicators of potential problems
  • Critical conversations to have with your customers and project team

The project schedule is one of the most visible and shared pieces of the entire planning process. By learning how to properly analyze the project schedule and negotiate for the right amount of time, you will be better equipped to efficiently manage your work, form the most effective cost/time decisions and expedite completion without sacrificing quality. Winning with Schedule Acceleration and Impacts will give you the tools and information you need to maximize the power and usability of your project schedule.


This class is designed for Executives, Project Managers, Field Superintendents, Estimators, Preconstruction Personnel and any other team member who is involved in the business development of your company.

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